Alibaba Cloud

By fostering and developing innovative technologies, Alibaba Cloud is changing the world.

Alibaba provides vital technology infrastructure and marketing capabilities to help businesses to grow their products and services online. The group spans commerce, Cloud computing, digital media and innovation. Alibaba enables businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate, providing the fundamental technology to help merchants, brands and other businesses leverage the power of the Internet to engage with their users and customers. Read more…

What is Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global Cloud computing services to power both our international customers’ online businesses and Alibaba Group’s own e-commerce ecosystem. An approach to computing that’s about internet scale and connecting to a variety of devices and endpoints.

Key Characteristics of Cloud:

  • A pool of Shared Resources
  • Elasticity or Scalability
  • Self Service or Automation
  • Anywhere access

About Us

In 2008, The CIS Group (CIS) discovered that many technology partners in Africa and the Middle East were under pressure with limited support and knowledge available to provide effective solutions for their customers. CIS decided to create Hiperdist Alliances with the vision to become a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) dedicated to South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. One where creating a long-lasting partnership was at the heart of what we do, supporting our partners’ success. Today, Hiperdist Alliances will continue to invest within industry-leading solutions that enable our partners to respond quickly to changing market dynamics, whilst continuing to provide real Added Value to the channel.


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